Jo Insung does ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” with Kwangsoo



Joining Jinusean’s Sean, Tim, Super Junior’s Siwon and Brian Joo in Korean celebrities participating in the ALS “Ice Bucker Challenge” is actor Jo Insung and Running Man’s Kwangsoo!

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Only one flower left :O

sunnyflower said: Can you please let me in on this Bom/Kemy drama? I want to know what's going on. I really hate how people are making Bom feel bad she's a sweet angel!😔


I got on tumblr and everyone was posting about ‘diss tracks’ I thought okay maybe some feud between the usual rap artists until I saw Park Bom’s name and i’m like wait waiT WAIT. What?! And it was by some Kemy person from this nugu group A.Kor? So I looked up Twitter and apparently this Kemy girl released a diss track targeting Bom (x) and even at this point, I was okay cos there are lots of people who love riding on 2NE1 for attention anyway. UNTIL I read the lyrics. It’s overall gross.

The 1st line was enough to piss me off. This came out of the blue. I’m not sure where the company or Kemy is trying to go with this but we all know A.Kor can start packing their bags. You can’t excuse her saying this is how hip hop works. She made personal disses at Bom’s appearance and what not while respectable hip hop artists don’t do it so explicitly anyway. Bom just left Roommate (she was happy about getting this chance but they grabbed it from her) as we all know and is really trying her best to move past this. She got thrown out there for something that wasn’t her fault and there are people who still believe she made a mistake and that she ‘smuggled’ those ‘drugs’, when she had a PRESCRIPTION. Also, not considering that Bom has battled (and might be still battling) depression. What gives her the right to break someone who is already broken? This Kemy person doesn’t deserve any sympathy, AT ALL. It’s disgusting that there are people who say she’s a good rapper blah blah and they’re supporting this vile person who can’t even act like a human being first of all. And all these anti-2NE1 peeps and netizens loving her at the moment. When will it end. Get off Bom. It’s sad everyone wants to see Bom and 2NE1 drown. Is it wrong to be strong, confident and talented? What the fuck. 


Your bloated, swollen face.
You’re not satisfied no matter what you put in it.
You’re going to become an old person next to an ugly child
You drag your entire body and slap it onto your face
You’re at the point of addiction, “STOP IT!”
X? O? The answer is X, toxic.
Someone call the doctor, someone stop her.
You’re about the same as the Gangnam Beauty [who got plastic surgery 28 times]
You’re weak, and you fell into drugs.
Did the drugs fall into the jelly box?
Who glanced over the 4 pills that disappeared?
Since when were the prosecutors so nice?

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Waiting for BIGBANG Meme: 1/? Favorite performances 

#waiting for BIGBANG

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2NE1 @ 140608 All Or Nothing Concert in Indonesia #1!